August 24, 2009

Review: Life As We Knew It by Susan Beth Pfeffer

Summary from Barnes and Noble

When an asteroid hits the moon, Miranda must learn to survive the unimaginable . . .  (short enough for ya?)

If you want a book that sticks with you - this is it.  I had a hard time leaving the world of the book behind.  As the short summary says - an asteroid hits the moon.  This causes the moon to move closer to Earth.  Now if you know your science at all, you'll realize that means big changes for Earth and all that live there.  The main character is Miranda a 16 year old girl.  What you read is what she writes in her journal.  At points the story was a hard to read because life on Earth becomes very difficult, and Miranda holds nothing back.  The difficulties she writes about carried into my own life - I'd find myself thinking about resources I waste and things I take for granted.  It even got to the point that when we had rain for a day, I kept thinking in terms of the book - like the moon really had moved closer!  It was somewhat unsettling, but it made the story more affective. 

This is a serious book, so if you're looking for something light hearted or action packed - you might want to try something else.  But if you're wondering what might happen if the earth's was environment was changed - definately give it a try.  There is a companion book The Dead and the Gone, and there will be a third book that ties the two together titled This World We Live In.  There is even a blog dedicated to it.  Check it out. I know I WILL be reading the other two books.  I have to know what happens!

Lexile:  770


  1. This is sounds great! At first it reminded me of that TV show with the same concept, but that was more whimsical and this is more serious. Adding to my list right now, thanks!

  2. This is one of my favorite books ever. I absolutely love it. I didn't like The Dead and the Gone as much though. I can't wait for This World We Live In!

  3. I read the teaser at the end for The Dead and The Gone, and I'm not sure I'll enjoy that one as much. But I am excited for the last one since it suppose to tie the three together.