This blog is a place for me to share my love of middle grade and young adult books (mostly).  
On it I share reviews of what I've read, highlight books I haven't read but think sound great and share general book related stuff that I find interesting.  

I do blog off and on about picture books and early chapter books because sometimes I feel they could be used in the middle school setting. 

To be clear:

This blog is not: 
perfect or a business or consistent.  

This blog is for fun. 
It's for me to have an outlet to share my love and passion for all things books and reading.  

So that means I share in a way that works for me and my life. 

It means it may not be consistent in the number of posts I do and when.  I may go a few weeks without posting anything! 

It may mean the posts and reviews could be short.  It may be just a picture with a few words.  Or I may say more! 

It's not trying to fit some book blogging mold.  
It's just me sharing and fangirling and being excited.  
Nothing more. 
 Nothing less.  

I hope you'll find something interesting!