March 2, 2012

Interview: Joan Holub Goddess Girls +GIVEAWAY

Today for the March of Middle Grade I have an interview and giveaway with Joan Holub co-author of the Goddess Girls series!

Welcome Joan!

First tell us a little about you

I’m Joan Holub, the co-author (with Suzanne Williams) of the Goddess Girls series. It’s set at Mount Olympus Academy, and puts a modern spin on classic Greek myths. (Aladdin paperbacks, ages 8 ~ 12)

Books in the series:
Medusa the Mean  (April 2012)
The Girl Games (Super Special) (July 2012)
3 more to come.

One Answer Questions
Point of View: 1st or 3rd: Third
Boy or Girl main character: Girls (mortal and goddess), with lots of godboy side characters. The four main goddess girls are Athena, Persephone, Aphrodite, and Artemis, but we have books about Medusa and Pandora coming in the series, too.
Genre: Fictionalized Greek Mythology with fantasy elements
More boy or girl book (stereotypically): Based on mail from readers…Girls tend to like the girl characters; boys tend to like the action and boy characters. Both like the mythology subject matter.

The Serious Questions!
Why MG instead of any other age level?  I love Greek mythology, and since it’s studied in upper elementary and middle school, that’s the level we chose to write for. (“We” referring to Suzanne Williams, my Goddess Girls co-author.) We like the humor of this age group, too.

For this series what part are you most excited about? What part do you think they'll enjoy reading the most or was the most fun to write? Goddess Girls is a series, but the characters and their friendship dramas recur throughout. Principal Zeus is one of my favorites at Mount Olympus Academy because he’s loud and over-the-top. 

When you were in middle school kind of student were you? Did you write then? Did you read? I read and drew. I didn’t write, except for class assignments because my social life was way too time-consuming. 

And because it's the owl my standard question always is: WHOOO do you admire when it comes to writing? OR WHOOO do you like to read or really enjoyed in HS or middle school? I had a hard time finding books I liked when I was in middle school years ago. I read all the biographies in the school library. Now there’s a wealth of MG to choose from. I mostly like to read light paranormal, steampunk, and fantasy books. Humor is a plus, but I also like moody paranormal.

The Fun Questions! (based on what 7th graders do!)
Do you chew gum? Yes or No If yes favorite kind? Pink! Bubble!
Do you text? Sometimes.
Was school lunch just as yucky then as it is now?! Yes, definitely. No ambrosia or nectar served whatsoever!

Thanks for sharing Joan! I love this series and am very excited to share it with my followers!

For for the Giveaway:

Joan is giving away one autographed copy of Goddess Girls #7: Artemis the Loyal (ages 8-12) + Goddess Girls bookmarks (US and CAN only).

Enter by filling out the Rafflecopter form below!

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  1. Hooray! First "real" post for MG madness!!! This series looks adorable. Doesn't Small Review always cover these books?! Thanks for the chance to win one!

  2. These look good. Awesome giveaway, please enter me!

  3. I can't wait to read this series. It looks like one my daughter would love to read (or have read to her as the case may be.) Hooray for MG!

  4. Awesome series, thanks for sharing and double thanks for a chance to win autographed copies!!

  5. This series looks so awesome! I love how Greek Mythology is incorporated! I definitely will be picking these up this month! Thanks for the amazing post! :)

  6. We recently bought a set for the library at school and the girls are loving them! This will be nice to add to the collection!