June 16, 2016

Sad News - Author Lois Duncan has Passed Away

Last night I was on Twitter and saw the news about Lois Duncan.  It saddened me greatly.  She was one of my favorite authors when I was younger.  

The first book I read by her was Daughter's of Eve.  I remember thinking WOW! I didn't know there could be books like that (darker books) written for kids my age.  I loved it! 

 From there I went on to read all her books.  My two favorites remain Down a Dark Hall and Daughter's of Eve. I loved DaDH first because it was a boarding school but second because of the creep factor! And I loved DoE because it was the first book I read that had girls that were being evil, and I'd never really seen that before! 

 I think it's because of her I went on to read John Saul, Stephen King and all the other creepy books I continue to read! 
My wish was to meet her in person because I wanted to tell her what an affect her writing had on me.  

Through my years blogging I featured Duncan a lot.  I even did a whole month of her!
Here are some links:

If you haven't read anything by her I highly suggest you do! She is one of the pillars of YA/MG! 

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  1. This makes me very sad. I was a big fan of hers when I was younger as well. She wrote some great stuff. My favorite was probably Killing Mr Griffin