February 7, 2011

I HEART Lois Duncan the Covers

I love book covers.  LOVE them! Today I'm taking my cover love to my love for Lois Duncan books.  I'll look at the old covers I remember and compare them with the new ones.

CORRECTED! NEW COVERS ON THE LEFT! Ok so I messed up and said right first!
Daughter's of Eve

                 NEW                                                                                                              OLD

I love the old one - yes it's "old" looking but I think it captures the spookiness of the book just a tish better than the new cover.  I mean the blood dripping down the candle - perfect!

Summer of Fear

Although the old one looks very dated I do think it captures what happens in the book better.  The new one shows nothing.  I don't think it would grab a possible new reader's attention very well.

Down a Dark Hall

No contest - new cover is waaaaaay better.  Skeleton hands are just cheesy.

Killing Mr. Griffin

 Um - aren't they basically the same??? I call a tie!

Ok I could go on and on with covers, but I'll just feature these! 
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  1. I agree--I love Lois Duncan! Whenever my kiddos ask for mystery, she's the first one I send them to. Liking the new covers. They're more intriguing than the old ones.
    The Book Swarm

  2. Oh, I love Lois Duncan. I remember being compelled to finish reading KILLING MR GRIFFIN.

    Oooo. Covers! But I'm confused as to which ones are the new covers. Those on the left? They're, um, not that new. Right? :)

  3. OMGosh yes I they are on the LEFT! Goodness! I corrected it now :0 thanks!

  4. I usually don't like new covers--any new covers--but these are surprisingly good! I think I actually like the new Daughters of Eve cover better. I like the silhouettes of the girls holding hands...there's something sinister about it, and I think captures the essence of the book very well.

    Agreed the new Summer of Fear is the weakest link in the new ones--it doesn't tell much. But...I'm not sure what the old one's supposed to be about either! Been a while since I read that book, so maybe I'm forgetting a detail...

    Thanks for the fun comparison!


  5. I'm thinking I like the new ones.

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