August 16, 2015

I Keep Changing!

Yes if you didn't notice I changed the graphics on my blog again!!!!! 

I just can't stop myself! I see new owl - love it and have to change it!

I'll try really hard to not change anything again for a loooooooooooong while!

Thanks for not getting crabby at me :)


  1. I don't mind. I love owls. In fact, I just bought a case for my new computer and thought of you when I ordered it. Take a look.

  2. I've enjoyed all the various changes that you've made in the graphics. Owls are so cute and I love to see what you come up with.

  3. I love the new owls! So cute! I totally understand how hard it would be to only stick with one cute owl for any long period of time. They are the best!