August 14, 2015

Book Review: Charlie and the Grandmothers by Katy Towell

Title: Charlie and the Grandmothers
Author: Katy Towell

When fearful twelve-year-old Charlie and his bolder younger sister are sent to visit a grandmother they never knew they had, they discover a dark secret.

A visit to Grandmother's house has never been so scary…

Twelve-year-old Charlie Ougght knows something is fishy when he and his little sister Georgie are sent away to spend time with a grandmother they've never met. Grandmother Pearl and her sister Grandmother Opal seem harmless enough, but Charlie soon uncovers a dastardly plot-the grandmothers are acting as minions for an ancient queen desperate to rule the world. Can Charlie and Georgie find a way to save themselves and the other children held captive in the Queen's lair before it's too late?

Sometimes it's hard for a child to be brave.  So many things can scare them.  My 8 year old is having trouble going to bed lately because he's worried about having bad dreams.  That is Charlie in this book.  He is scared of everything - even refusing to sleep.  But what is very cool - and would be for kids reading - is watching how he learns to be brave despite all his fears.  As odd things begin happening and then even scarier events happen, Charlie knows he needs to push forward and help save himself and his sister.  I think any kid reading this would take away from it that they could be brave too!

A bit more just about the story.  It reminded me a bit of an old-fashioned Grimm's fairy-tale. Nasty things happening to children who have to save themselves.  Grandmothers that can't be trusted - like the little old lady in Hansel and Gretel.  A wicked queen - like in many fairy-tales.  It really did have that feel! So if you are a fan of that definitely check this book out!

I do have to take minute to share a note of caution.  If you have a child that is easily scared this might not be the book for them - which is hard because it shows bravery in the face of fear! But there are just a few things that might be too much for some readers.  I know that because of the issues my 8 year old is having with sleeping and dreams this book wouldn't be for him because it would just feed that fear.  So just be aware before suggesting it! I know many kids that would love it because they like that scary aspect!

Final thought - old fashioned fairy-tale that shows even those most scared and find themselves brave.  

Book received in exchange for an honest review.

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  1. Thanks for the review. This sounds like an interesting book.