March 26, 2015

The Book That Won't Intimidate Me! My Challenge Post.

Yesterday I shared with you the reading challenge that Sara from Winged Reviews, and I came up with.  We're challenging ourselves and YOU to read a book that intimidates you.  This is my intro post declaring what book I'm going to read!

As an English teacher you would think that no book scares me.  I mean I've read Shakespeare, Dante, Chaucer, Bronte etc.  But there are still books I won't pick to read because I honestly think it will be too difficult for me!

The book that's intimidating me the most right now is (ok there's two!):

Game of Thrones
by  George R. R. Martin

Yes this book scares me!  
Ok first of all it's not what I typically read.  When I read I usually read contemporary or dystopia AND it's YA.  I'm not good at anything that even hints at high fantasy.  And this book just makes me think high fantasy.  Ok I know it's high fantasy - there's no use fooling myself.  I just get really intimidated by a book where I'm going to have to look at a map or some other visual just to keep it all straight.  And I know that's the case with this book! There are so many characters, so many places - and it's ALL different from the world I know. That scares me so much when wondering if I can make it through a book!
I'm a baby about this I know :)
Now I've seen season one of the show and loved it, so that will help I hope, but I'm still scared of it!
So I'm challenging myself to read this one!

by Sarah J. Maas

This is pretty much the same reasons as I stated above but magnified because it also seems like it got a Renascence or old English feel.  So that adds another layer of something I'll need to learn and understand!

So during the month of April I will read ONE of these two for sure and review it.  Hopefully I'll read both!

What books intimidate you?? 
Maybe it's for reasons like mine or just because they are long or scary and scary scares you! 
Maybe it's because you never finish something contemporary, so you're afraid to start it.  
Maybe it's a book EVERYONE loves, but you really don't think you will!
 Or Is it that classic assigned in high school that you never did read??
Any reason it intimidates you!

See the intro to the We Won't be Intimidated Reading Challenge to join up!


  1. I hope you read and LOVE Throne of Glass. It is a new favorite of mine. That book actually got me back into reading fantasy. Now I read a lot of fantasy books. No regrets. Enjoy and good luck!

  2. A few years ago I read the BLACK HOLE SUN trilogy, which is straight up sci-fi. Never thought I would like it, but I loved that series. So good!! I started reading Red Rising and know it's gotten great reviews and while I didn't hate it, I found myself just no t picking it up again. Maybe I will give it another try.

    1. I challenge you to! Then you can join in :)

  3. Well, I hope you really enjoy your intimidating books! :)

    I've kind of been intimidated by the Lord of the Rings books. I know everyone seems to love them, but I tried them a couple of years ago and couldn't get into them. Now, I think I'd like them, but I'm still a bit unsure. Maybe I'll take the challenge and finally read the Hobbit.