September 4, 2012

Ivy & Bean Blog-A-Bration Week 4 +Giveaway

As you know here on The O.W.L. I highlight books at all ranges of middle school readers (and in my middle school that's grades 5-8), because of this I was super excited to be asked to participate in the countdown to International Ivy & Bean Day on October 13th!

These 9  weeks are going to be fun!!!!

Each week I'll be highlighting a different Ivy & Bean book plus hosting a giveaway! Then on week 9 - all the previous winners will get a chance at a super awesome prize!

Before I get into all those details I want to first talk about this week's book:

The adventures of Ivy and Bean continue in the latest installment from series creators Annie Barrows and Sophie Blackall. In Ivy and Bean Take Care of the Babysitter, the two girls hatch a plan to prove that Bean's big sister is the world's worst babysitter. Of course plans go awry, but fun ensues!
How many of you had an older brother or sister babysit you??? Me! Me! Me!  I have only one sibling - and older sister.  She is 2.5 years older than me.  Often times my parents would go somewhere and leave her in charge to babysit me! I hated it!!!!! In my memory she was horribly cruel - swinging my in circles and letting go the minute my parents left.  In my memory I remember crying and begging my parents not to go! Is my memory correct??? Doubtful.  Highly doubtful!!! I'm sure she wasn't a sweet kind perfect babysitter with me. But was she cruel? No.  She was an older sister that I fought with daily!
I think of this often when I leave my two oldest (ages 13 and 11) home alone together.  My daughter is in charge.  I'm sure they fight when I'm gone - they fight when I'm home!!! But thankfully I've never had to worry.  With a little Bean though - I'm not so sure that would be the case!

To learn more about Ivy & Bean check out the websites below.
Annie Barrow's site
Chronicle Books Site

And check out what other bloggers participating are doing!

And of course if you want to buy the book you can click HERE!  
(you'll be taken to my favorite children's bookstore The Red Balloon)

Now for the giveaway!

I have up for grab:
 1 copy of Ivy & Bean
3 Sets of Ivy & Bean Mini Notes

Remember the winners from each previous week are entered for the grand prize.  And what is the grand prize you ask???

A complete set of Ivy and Bean hardcover books signed by Annie Barrows

1 set of Ivy and Bean Paper Dolls
1 Ivy and Bean Button Factory
1 Ivy and Bean READ Poster signed by Annie Barrows
Set of Ivy and Bean Silly Bandz
Set of Ivy and Bean stickers
AND – a super-secret really cool prize still being worked on (stay tuned!)

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  1. I just read my first Ivy and Bean book over the weekend, and then had a student ask for them today. Because it put me in mind of Carolyn Haywood, whose books I do have, I had the student check out one of those. we'll see if the student likes Betsy.

  2. Thanks for hosting the giveaway. I love the Ivy & Bean books!

  3. Loving this Ivy & Bean celebration! Thanks for hosting!