December 12, 2009

Seventh Grade Saturday

Because of time constraints at school (I guess I do I have to be teaching and not just book talking with the students) I've decided to limit my blogs involving my students to just a Saturday post.  SO from now on Seventh Grade Saturday will showcase books they are reading AND other topics involving reading where I get their opinions.

Today I've got their thoughts on the cover of Fallen. This one was very suprising to me.  I did not expect the response I got. 

10 times they said it was "creepy" - yes creepy! Way more kids said it was creepy than wrote it down.  That was the general consensis of the cover.
Many of them said it looked "sad"
Weird was noted a few times along with depressing and scary
Several thought it looked mysterious
Some girls loved her dress

I did not think they'd say that! I think the cover is beautiful.  Never once did I think it was creepy! Now remember I don't tell them anything about the book - I just show them the cover and go with their first reaction.  I did tell them later it was a love story, and they looked like they didn't believe me!  I asked them if the cover would get them to pick up the book, and they gave me a resonding yes.  So in the eyes of the publisher I guess the cover is successful.  Getting the kids to at least pick up the book is one step closer to them buying it - even if they are picking it up because it looks "creepy"!
Their responses reminded me once again of the unpredictability of seventh graders.

If you missed my review of Fallen you can read it here.


  1. Great reactions you got form the kids!
    I love this cover, it's very beautiful.

  2. I actually agree with them. I think the cover is quite disturbing and Luce does look sad to me. I can't actually remember her wearing a dress but there you go!