February 2, 2016

Review - Via My Son: Stinky Cecil: Terrarium Terror by Paige Braddock

Title: Stinky Cecil
Author: Paige Braddock

Stinky Cecil is back in a hilarious new adventure!

Cecil and his amphibian pals are taking a well-deserved break after saving their pond from freeway construction when a third-grade science class shows up for a field trip. The kids nab Cecil for their classroom terrarium!

At first Cecil is terrified, but he quickly gets used to being a class pet. That is, until Nesbit the chameleon shows up. Nesbit wants to be just like Cecil, so he matches his colors and follows him all around the terrarium. He’s driving Cecil crazy!

Meanwhile, Cecil’s pals back at the pond are planning a rescue mission using Jeff the hamster’s radio controlled helicopter. But what will they do about Nesbit?

Join the whole pond gang for this second delightful environmental romp.

This review is based completely on my 8 year old's reaction with the book.  A while back I reviewed the first book in this series (see it HERE).  When I got that book for review, I showed it to my son.  He was interested, but didn't take it right away.  But what I noticed was that slowly it kept disappearing and ending up in his room.  He liked it but didn't want me to know.  

Now this one shows up.  I have it sitting out, and he noticed it.  

Here's what went down:

Son looking at the book trying not to look interested, "Mom, what's that?" Pointing shyly at it.

Me looking around to see what he means and spotting the book, inside I start to giggle because I know he's interested but doesn't want to say, "Oh that's a book I got for review."

He's silent for a minute just kinda staring at it. 

"Do you want to look at it?"

He nods, takes it.  Walks off.  It hasn't left his side since then. 

Seriously it hasn't! He loved it!!! He's read it several times, and he keeps showing me the picture of a worm (or is it a snake) with glasses on and giggles.  What makes me excited about this is that I've been arguing with him lately to read something beyond Diary of a Wimpy Kid.  So to see him get pulled into this one makes me very happy!!! 

In full disclosure I haven't read this book, but I'm guessing it's a lot like the first one.  And I really don't feel I need to read it this time in order to review it because the reaction of my son speaks volumes for me!

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