May 13, 2015

I Now Have a Co-Blogger!!! Welcome Allison!

I'm so very very very excited to let you all know that The O.W.L. will now have two authors instead of just me!

This year I met a fantastic teacher new to my building.  And after a year of chatting about books and teaching I invited her to write on The O.W.L. with me.  She quickly said yes!

Allison teachers 5-8th grade English (just like I did), and loves to read middle grade and young adult books.  She also loves to get kids reading - and THINKING about what they read.  

So start watching for her reviews.  They'll be posting very soon.  And be sure to welcome her!

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  1. Welcome Allison!! Jill runs a fantastic blog, one of my favorites, so I am sure you will be a great addition!!