May 3, 2019

In the Library May 3rd

I am a middle school media specialist - grades 5-8.  

Here are some things happening in our media center! 

We just finished up testing. Well ok, we have one day of science test next week, but that's an easier one! So now we can finish the year strong and work at getting all our books back!

Last week I was lucky enough to have our American Indian Parent Advisory Committee gift us a selection of 26 books all with American Indians as positive characters or about the culture. I was very excited because that part of our collection is severely lacking! We either have nothing or what we have is old. What's even more perfect is that all the books were bought from Birchbark Books, so I know they are all well done and accurate. I cannot wait to get them cataloged and into the hands of the students!

A few other things in the library

I put out six speed cubes, and the kids loved them! Can't wait to do more with cubing next year.

I also put out one Snap Circuit set, and the kids really liked that. 
Kids I had never seen stop and try something out were putting all the pieces together. It was great to see.  That's what I want in the library - a reason for ALL kids to come visit. 

I'm so looking forward to next year when I'll be full time and I can do even more! I'm wanting to have a theme each month. And I want to get into to classroom and do more books talks as well as help with tech integration. We'll see!! 

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