July 23, 2018

Nonfiction Review: The Ultimate Book of Sharks by Brian Skerry

Title: The Ultimate Book of Sharks
Author: Brian Skerry
Copy Obtained: From publisher in exchange for an honest review

About the Book From Goodreads

Dive into the wild world of sharks! Get up close to learn the truth behind these fantastic, ferocious fish with famed National Geographic photographer and explorer Brian Skerry.

Join this amazing underwater adventure to track the sharks of the world, from the teeniest dogfish to the everfeared great white. This ultimate book features every species of shark on the planet, with awesome photos, fascinating facts, the latest science, and firsthand stories of real-life encounters with these incredible creatures. Learn how sharks live, how they eat, the challenges they face, and whether or not you are actually on the menu!

Short Version: Sharks! Big pictures and lots of facts about sharks! Love it! 

Why I'd recommend it: I'm looking for more high-interest nonfiction for my media center, so I was super interested in this one.  I would easily recommend this one to my nonfiction readers because the pictures would grab them right away! Full color, close up and detailed.  That would get them interested right away.  But I'd also recommend it because the facts with each shark are great.  Sometimes nonfiction books are pretty dry with their facts.  This one isn't like that, so I know that kids would actually read and not just look at the pictures.  I'd also recommend it because it has all kinds of sharts - not JUST the well-known ones.  I also like books that introduce students to something new.  

I have to say the shark that fascinated me the most was the Frilled Shark.  It's the one I'd show kids to get them interested.  Super weird looking! Here's a picture on one:


Side-note:  With Shark Week this week I wish I was in school because I'd love to do a display with this book included! 

Best for readers who: Love nonfiction and need a visual push to read. And of course for any future marine biologist.  

Library Thoughts: YES! This would be one I would get because I know that my non-readers would at least pick it up to look at because sharks are high interest.  

And look at this - a trailer for the book! Even better!!!

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