June 8, 2018

Daring Dreamers Club #1: Milla Takes Charge by Erin Soderberg

Title: Milla Takes Charge, Daring Dreamers Club #1
Author: Erin Soderberg
Copy Obtained: From publisher for an honest review

Milla loves nothing more than imagining grand adventures in the great wide somewhere, just like Belle. She dreams of traveling the world and writing about her incredible discoveries. Unfortunately, there is nothing pretend about the fifth-grade overnight and Milla's fear that her moms won't let her go.

Enter Piper, Mariana, Zahra, and Ruby. Together with Milla, they form the Daring Dreamers Club and become best friends. But can they help Milla believe she's ready for this real grand adventure?

Diverse, talented, and smart--these five girls found each other because they all had one thing in common: big dreams. 

When I was offered this book for review I jumped at the chance.  I'm always looking for new series to add to the library or suggest to my readers.  And I loved the idea that this one contained an array of diverse characters that are pursuing their dreams.

What I like about this book is that if the reader doesn't relate to Milla the main character, there are several other characters they could connect with.  I love that! I'm wondering in future books if the narrator will shift to some of the other girls.  I also love that it shows girls supporting one another in their dreams.  It's such a great example of how we can do that in our own lives.  I've seen examples of that in other books but usually only between two friends, so it was nice to see a whole group supporting and helping each other.  

I really liked Milla.  She is so kind and thoughtful, but not to the point of being annoying.  I think the girls reading this will really like her too.  They'll wish they had a friend like her.  I also loved how her moms were shown in the story.  It was so matter-of-fact, and that was great.  I think kids now see it that way too a lot of times so they wouldn't need a big deal made of it.  

As for the story itself - nicely done.  As an adult, it was kind of simplified, but for the age group it's geared toward it was fine.  They'll relate and definitely be pulled in.  And in the end I think they'll want to learn more about the girls in the Daring Dreamers Club.

Final thought:  Great start to a new series for the tween set.
Library Thoughts: For an elementary with 3-5th graders for sure.  It's probably best for grades 3 and 4.  

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