March 23, 2018

Two Mini Review: Dog Books!

So in the media center animal books are very popular.  Kittens, sloths, baby anything, rabbits - kids love them all.  

When I was offered the opportunity to review two books about dogs I had to say yes.  

Title: It's a Puppy Life
By: Seth Casteel

Have you ever wanted to know what goes on in the life of one of nature's most beloved animals--the puppy? Follow along in this picture book featuring the photography of Seth Casteel.

Follow several puppies as they play, go for walks, eat, sleep, and romp about.

This book could not be any cuter!!! Adorable.  Adorable. Adorable.  I have three dogs, and this book made me want about 10 more!  It is fill with wonderful full color photographs of puppies doing all kinds of things from chasing a ball to taking a nap.  I think each page I said "awwwwwwww".  This book will be a huge hit in the library.  

I also liked that it was a book to read not just to look at.  It's just simple little text about being a puppy and everything they do.  I can see parent and kids reading this one over and over.
To top it off - at the end are pictures of all the dogs with what breed they are.  Perfect for when you weren't perfectly sure! 

Title: Dog Days of History
By: Sarah Albee

What is it we love about dogs so much? From ancient times to the present, dogs have guarded us, worked with us, marched off to war with us, and of course, just sat on the couch with us for a cuddle. Throughout the course of human history, this partnership deepened from dogs doing a service into friendship. Dogs have been by our side through it all, and this book tracks our common story from wild wolves in ancient civilizations to modern-day breeds, highlighting famous pooches of the past and present along the way.

Very cool book.  I have a Bichon Poodle mix, and I know they were, in the past, dogs that royalty would often have.  They were kept to eat the scrapes that fell on the floor! So it was really fun to see some other dogs through history.  It starts back in ancient times showing how dogs in things like hieroglyphics were portrayed compared to now.  It was amazing to see how accurate they were! As they continued through history is was also fun to see how dogs were used in paintings and advertisements.  It really showed that our love for dogs isn't just a current thing.  People have found companionship from dogs throughout history.  Yes, of course, they have been used for getting work done as well, but it was so neat to see how people have loved dogs always! Great book that I think kids will love as well.  They can pick and chose what time periods they want to read about - skipping around in the book as needed.  

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