November 14, 2017

Pocket Flyers by ken Blackburn and Jeff Lammers

About a month ago I got a package in the mail and was excited by what I found inside.  Inside were three books on making paper airplanes! 
I've got two boys at home, and I knew they would love these.

Pocket flyers Paper Airplane Book, a flyaway impulse book if ever there was one. Developed by the same team of Ken Blackburn and Jeff Lammers, Pocket Flyers Paper Airplane Book features 12 Lilliputian-size models, for a total of 74 planes. The models are about one-quarter the size of the planes in the previous books and are designed with original full-color graphics. There are easy folding instructions for each, as well as special tips on how to fly smaller aircraft. The portable package and its planes are perfect for small spaces: the office, the den, the back of the minivan, drinking establishments. The obsessed among us will try to establish a mini plane world record. The rest of us will be content to just fly these flashy Piper cubs of paper from one side of the room to the other. And with the Microjet, Angelfish, Flying Sneaker, Gargoyle, and Dragonfly, there promises to be a lot of contentment.

These books are awesome! First they show you how to make the airplane (or creature), and then they supply several copies of the paper for that model.  Love it! My boys are always looking for paper and news ways to fold, and these books allowed that.  

I ended up bringing them to school and putting them in our maker table.  Several kids have dived in and make some of the creations.

I'd definitely recommend the books to anyone who loves to make paper airplanes, likes to tinker with things, or just likes to be creative! 

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