May 18, 2017

Retro Reads: Kissing Doorknobs by Terry Spencer Hesser

In Retro Reads I like to look at some books from the past - long or short past - that I really enjoyed and think need a reminder.

Today's Retro Read:

Kissing Doorknobs by Terry Spencer Hesser
During her preschool years, Tara Sullivan lived in terror that something bad would happen to her mother while they were apart. In grade school, she panicked during the practice fire drills. Practice for what?, Tara asked. For the upcoming disaster that was bound to happen?

Then, at the age of 11, it happened. Tara heard the phrase that changed her life: Step on a crack, break your mother's back. Before Tara knew it, she was counting every crack in the sidewalk. Over time, Tara's "quirks" grew and developed: arranging her meals on plates, nonstop prayer rituals, until she developed a new ritual wherin she kissed her fingers and touched doorknobs....

What I Remember:

This was the first book I remember reading that dealt with a mental illness - in this case OCD.  It seemed, at the time, to be a realistic view of what it is like to have OCD.  I also remember that it didn't end in a nice neat little bow with everything resulted.  It was positive, but you knew it was still going to be a struggle.  

Have you read it?? What do you remember? 

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