April 25, 2017

Double Review: Double or Nothing by Johanna Hurwitz +GIVEAWAY!

Today I'm reviewing TWO books which is perfect since they are books about twins!

The Books:

Double or Nothing With the Two and Only Kelly Twins
What's the same about identical twins -- and what's different? Sleepovers, poetry projects, and new haircuts are in play as seven-year-old Arlene and Ilene start coming into their own. 

Arlene and Ilene love so many things about being identical twins. They like sharing a room, sharing friends, and wearing matching outfits. But they're in different classes at school, and one twin has a scar that the other one doesn't. One morning, their friends Monty and Joey point out a new difference that takes the sisters by surprise and gets them thinking: if they are identical twins, why are there differences between them at all? Their tongues must be the same, so why do they like different kinds of ice cream? Why does Arlene wear pink nail polish while Ilene thinks it's silly? Why is Ilene sleeping soundly when Arlene is awake, wondering how she can be sure that she is Arlene, not Ilene?

The Two and Only Kelly Twins
Second-graders Arlene and Ilene Kelly are twins — identical twins to be exact — and they love being a pair. They love to dress alike, they have identical pet ferrets, and they do everything together. But being a twin is not always easy. When a set of triplets comes to school, Arlene and Ilene wonder whether triplets are more special than twins. At Halloween, on different streets in identical witch costumes, some neighbors think that the girls are one person trying to get extra candy. And when Arlene gets sick and has to visit the hospital, the twins each find out what it’s like to be one instead of two. But whether they’re together or apart, Arlene and Ilene know they’re lucky to have each other.

About the Author
Johanna Hurwitz is a former children’s librarian and the award-winning author of more than seventy books for children, including The Two and Only Kelly Twins and four books about Arlene and Ilene’s friend Monty, who lives on their street. Ms. Hurwitz divides her time between Great Neck, New York, and Wilmington, Vermont. To learn more, visit her website: johannahurwitz.com.

There you'll see a lovely interview with the NYPL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JYR_ruGROAA

Praise for the Books
“These realistic predicaments with warm resolutions will fare well with the chapter-book set. Singletons' interest in twins will be piqued while multiples will find much to relate to.”
—Kirkus Reviews

“Accessible text and frequent illustrations make this a friendly pick for young readers tackling their first chapter books. Themes of identity and self-discovery join amiable characters reminiscent of Clementine, Ivy, and Bean, making this a solid addition to early chapter-book collections.”

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I remember when I was young really wanting to be a twin! Does everybody feel that way??? It's because of that I can see these book appealing to young elementary girls.  I found the girls very cute, but also realistic.  They aren't perfect.  They do things to get themselves in trouble, and they do bicker with each other.  I liked that because it made them see like typical little girls!  I loved the story triplets move to their school! Here they've always been the unique ones because they are twins, but now they've been moved aside for triplets.  It was cute to watch them struggle with this!  I do think - tho my favorite part was when people accused them of trying to just get double Halloween candy.  I can completely see that happening!  Oh - and how can I forget their adorable ferrets! Loved that part of the books.  It was fun to see a pet besides a cat or dog!

In short:  Cute, cute books that I can see early elementary girls really enjoying! 

Double fun giveaway!
One lucky winner will receive both books featuring the Kelly twins--THE TWO AND ONLY KELLY TWINS and DOUBLE OR NOTHING WITH THE TWO AND ONLY KELLY TWINS (U.S. addresses).

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