April 17, 2017

Blog Tour Book Review: Missing by Kelley Armstrong

Today I'm excited to kick of a blog tour for Kelley Armstrong's new book Missing! I love a good mystery/thriller, so I was excited to be offered a spot on the tour.  

About the book
Winter Crane knows all too well that Reeve’s End is not a place where kids stick around if they can help it. Scores of teens—her sister and best friend included—leave the Appalachian mining town behind as soon as they can and are smart enough to never look back. But when Winter stumbles across a battered boy in the woods, she begins to doubt if everyone who left did so voluntarily. Luckily, growing up on the wrong side of the tracks has left Winter tougher than most. Equipped with a quick mind and hunting skills, Winter is a formidable opponent for anyone lurking in the forest shadows.

If you only have a second: Twists, turns, tension and a bit of romance.  Love it! 

If you have a few minutes:

I haven't read a good thriller mystery in awhile, and this was a good one.  It honestly had me hooked right from the beginning, and I pretty much tore through it in two days.  I'm a sucker for a good mystery filled with tension, and this one had it.  It starts right away with Winter finding Lennon.  I wanted to know who he was, why was he there and could he be trusted.  That feeling continued throughout the whole book.  At different times throughout the book I didn't know who I could trust! I think I question every single main character except for Winter.  Wait! I did question her at once! It just kept me guessing right up until the end.  I thought I had a few things figured out, but nope they twisted one last time on me! 

Besides the great plot, I loved both Winter and Jude the two main characters.  They had depth to them.  I cared about both of them and wanted them to be ok both physically and mentally.  There were a few times I didn't like Winter's choices especially when she went investigating on her own, but I got why she did it.  And of course it really really added to the tension in the story when she did!

Lastly the ending - well done! Everything wrapped up as well as it could.  I felt satisfied although I'd love to know more about their futures! I just hope they are done having to play detective! 

Best stick with you image:  Anything with the feral dogs! 

Best for readers who: Love mysteries and can handle tense scenes! 
Best for ages: 13 up I think - if they can handle tension and some graphic scenes.

*Book provided by publisher in return for an honest review.*

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