July 31, 2016

Who is POTUS? A Timely Book for the Election

Title: When Penny Met POTUS
Author: Rachel Ruiz
Illustrations: Melissa Manwill

Penny has heard the term POTUS over and over but doesn't know what it means and her imagination runs wild! When she spends a day at the office with her mother, she asks a few questions, looks around, and tries to discover just who or what POTUS is.

I'll be honest at first I questioned the premise of the book.  How could a child not know that her mom works for the President of the Unit States.  But then I thought about the term POTUS.  If a parent always used that term, a child might not understand what it means!  After I thought about that I found myself really liking the story.  

Instead of a person Penny thinks POTUS might be a creature of some sort.  She has no clue what to picture so her imagination really does run wild.  And then when she finally gets to the White House (or her mother's place of work as she knows it), she sets out to find this POTUS with each person adding to her imagination and confusion.  

I could see this being used with kindergartners or 1st graders and having them guess what POTUS is!  It would lead to a great learning opportunity about how POTUS stands for President of the United States.  

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  1. I'll be honest, it's only been in the last few months that I finally worked out what it was. In all fairness I'm an Aussie and our media don't use it often. It sounds like a really charming book about introducing kids to politics. Beautiful review <3