June 1, 2016

Let's Chat - Social Media

During my Let's Chat posts I try to get readers commenting on a topic.  

Today's topic is other sources of social media and how I use (or not use them).  

I'm wondering about your use of them too!

Twitter:  I'm on there a ton (@justkeepreading), but I don't chat a lot.  Sometimes I will, but there is so much going on there that sometimes I feel like I'm shouting into the void! I've started to use lists a little to narrow down what I see on the screen.  Do you use them?? How active are you on Twitter?

Tumblr:  Tried it and just could NOT get it.  My daughter loves it! I just found myself getting lost on on it.  Do you use it?

Instagram:  I'm on it and do enjoy it! (jilltheowl) I love and am amazed by all the book pictures that people set up so beautifully! I just lay the book on my hardwood floor and call it creative.  But most of the time I don't do that either! I finally found an app that lets me repost Instagram posts.  Giveaways always want you to do that, and I didn't know how.  Do you have an app you use for that? I use Regrann.  Sometimes I think about going to Instagram only.

SnapChat:  My daughter got me started on this one.  I don't follow any authors etc.  I just use it with my daughter and her friends.  But I am curious if anyone uses it for book/reading stuff?? 

Periscope:  NEVER USED IT! You??? 

Goodreads:  I use Goodreads a ton but only to track my books.  I have lots of friends, but I really don't interact with anyone there.  Sorry if you're friends with me there! I just don't. How do you use it? 

Facebook:  I don't use it to promote books at all.  I follow some authors and publishers, but Facebook is mostly just for my personal life and family.  

I can't think of anymore.  Of all these besides Blogger I like Twitter the best.  I learn a lot on Twitter about different authors and what is going on in the publishing world.  I don't add a lot, but I do a ton of reading from Twitter.  
My second favorite is Instagram just because the pictures are so pretty! 

So tell me - what of these or others do you use?  
How do you use them?
What do you like the best?

Let's Chat! 


  1. I only use Twitter to announce my blog posts. It feels too much like shouting out at the world to be something I like much. Lists do help cut down the number of people to try to follow. I still love blogging best for making friends and am trying to get on Facebook a bit more. With friending so many people, I sometimes have a hard time getting to the posts I want to see.

  2. I use Twitter and am working on getting my "bookstagram" going on instagram. But, I kind of feel like I don't want to work that hard. When I was first starting to blog I worked really hard to promote and visited other blogs, and commented a lot. Now I feel if you don't have a social media component, or a couple, your blog will die. And I'm not sure how hard I want to keep working on it...

  3. I use Twitter quite a bit, love how it allows me to keep up with authors I enjoy reading and info. about their books. I haven't tried the lists yet. I'm not involved with Tumblr, Instagram or Periscope (I think that would be overload for me). I use Goodreads a ton, to track books read and again to keep up with authors books. I use Facebook mostly for personal/family/friends, although I do follow one author there who doesn't Twitter. I also use Blogger to follow fellow book bloggers, and try to read as many of their posts as possible. I feel like I'm still in the learning phase and enjoy reading the how and what others put into their reviews.

  4. I use Instagram mainly for my students, Facebook for a mix of book and in-real-life friends, Twitter when I think about it. Tumblr made no sense to me either. Still prefer blogs-- I really only want to find out about new books! Have you ever done the 48 Hour Book Challenge? Interested in it for next year? Let me know!http://msyinglingreads.blogspot.com/2016/06/sic-transit-gloria-mundi-48-hour-book.html