February 5, 2016

In the Spotlight: Secret Series

One of my biggest pleasures in life if finding books and sharing them! 

And to me blogging isn't just about reviewing books, it's also about introducing you to books you may not know - even if I haven't even read them yet! 
They look so good I just need to shine the spotlight on them!

Today I'm spotlighting:

It's a 7 book series written by 7 different authors. 

In early June 1964, the Benevolent Home for Necessitous Girls burns to the ground, and its vulnerable residents are thrust out into the world. The orphans, who know no other home, find their lives changed in an instant. Arrangements are made for the youngest residents, but the seven oldest girls are sent on their way with little more than a clue or two to their heritage and the hope of learning about the families they have never known. On their own for the first time in their lives, they are about to experience the world in ways they never imagined…

Here's the trailer for it:

This whole series intrigues me!
Has anyone read any of these??? Have you seen reviews???
I haven't seen much about them.  

Here's a link to the website about the series:

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  1. That is really intriguing, I also like the look of the covers. Have to research it further, thanks Jill.