February 11, 2016

Book Review: Bone Vol. 7: Ghost Circles

Title: Bone: Ghost Circles
Author: Jeff Smith

A long-dormant volcano explodes, blacking out the sun, mowing down trees, and filling the land with soot and ash. The Lord of the Locusts is released with the eruption. Against this apocolyptic backdrop, the Bone cousins along with Thorn and Gran'ma Ben struggle to reach safe haven in the city of Atheia. Meanwhile, Lucius Downs lies severely wounded and trapped with the villagers in the camp at Old Man's Cave. 

For the class I'm taking in my school media specialists license I have to read a bunch of YA books (oh darn!).  One genre we had to read from was graphic novels.  I picked a Bone book because I've seen them around forever but never read one!

Did I like it?  Yes it was good.  I wasn't blown away or anything, but I seldom am when it comes to graphic novels.  I struggle with graphic novels because I want to just read.  I don't want to have to interpret things from the pictures to help tell that story! That's too much work! I could see why kids would like this series.  It had some good humor between the characters that made me chuckle a few times.  Plus it had good action that helped pull the story along.  That action would hook in the reluctant readers or the readers that just like a book that moves.  

It was clear that this was the 7th book in a long series.  I should've started with book #1, but I got it from the library, so I just went with the one they had in.  I do like that it's part of a long series, because then it keeps kids reading since they can just go on to the next book.  

Final Thought: Over-all it gave me a good idea what the series is like and about.  If I was into reading graphic novels I would definitely keep on with the series, but because I'm not I won't read any more.  BUT it is one I would for sure recommend to my students.  

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