January 27, 2016

WoW: Far From Fair by Elana K. Arnold

This post is inspired by a meme hosted by Jill over at Breaking the Spine.

Today I'm Waiting On:

Release Date: March 8, 2016

Odette has a list: Things That Aren’t Fair. At the top of the list is her parents’ decision to take the family on the road in an ugly RV they’ve nicknamed the Coach. There’s nothing fair about leaving California and living in the Coach with her par­ents and exasperating brother. And there’s definitely nothing fair about Grandma Sissy’s failing health, and the painful realities and difficult decisions that come with it. Most days it seems as if everything in Odette’s life is far from fair but does it have to be?

I love middle grade books because they deal with so much that this age group is growing through even if it doesn't look identical to their lives.  This looks like it has topics/issues that my student face, and I firmly believe kids need to see themselves in the books they read! 


  1. Oh, yes, this premise takes me back to my younger years, when I felt trapped on a family road trip. Thanks for sharing and enjoy. Here's mine: “ONE TRUE LOVES”

  2. I agree, and I would have thought this was YA (younger skewing YA maybe) than middle grade if you hadn't mentioned it. I like that cover a lot, and yes it looks like it explores some good themes for kids. Nice pick!