January 26, 2016

#ILoveMG Campaign

Middle Grade will also have a special place in my heart because I've worked in a middle school my entire teaching career. 

So when I saw the, and was contacted about, the iLoveMG campaign started by Workman Publishing and Algonquin Young Readers Group I needed to share!

iLoveMG inspired by Trevor Ingerson, head of Workman’s school and library children’s marketing, iLoveMG aims to lift the conversation around and harness enthusiasm for “the middle child” of kid lit within the publishing community and beyond.

How to join in:

Twitter Week: January 25-29
Prizes, Themed days and more! @workmanpub / @algonquinyr

Diverse MG Recommendations
If MG were pop songs/artists #MGpop (i.e. Because of Winn Dixie Chicks) 
MG I wish I had (when I was a kid)
Throwback MG
MG Mashup (i.e. A Wrinkle in Circus Mirandus, Three Times Wonder)

Sign up for the #iLoveMG newsletter: tinyletter.com/iLoveMG

I hope you'll join in and support middle grade!

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for rounding up the events. Me too of the MG love....1986 is when it all began for me. I could do the math..OR...go read a MG! Enjoy the week!