December 5, 2015

Blog Tour: Review +GIVEAWAY: Dead Boy by Laurel Gale

Very excited today to be part of the blog tour for Dead Boy by Laurel Gale!

About the Book

Crow Darlingson died in the 4th grade. But he’s still alive. And growing, actually. He can’t eat or taste anything, his body parts sometimes fall off (mom always sews them back on, though), and he’s only allowed to leave his house once per year, on Halloween.

Crow’s parents are separating, and despite their reassurances, he’s pretty sure it’s his fault. After all, having an undead son can’t be much easier than being one. Sneaking out at night only makes things worse, but he can’t resist the chance at a real friendship with Melody Plympton, the new girl next door, who loves mystery more than she minds the stink of his flesh or the maggots that sometimes crawl out of his nose.

Together they investigate the mysterious Meera - a monster living in the nearby park. Logic and fear tell Crow to stay away, but fuzzy memories lure him on. When Crow and Melody venture into its underground lair, Crow’s not just risking the half-life he clings to. He’s also risking the only friend he’s had in years.

The importance of friendship is crystallized as Crow and Melody face tests of loyalty, courage, and honor in this macabre middle grade novel by a debut author.

Ok at first I thought this would be just a book that was kinda silly about a boy, who died, and what now dealing with the ins and outs of being dead. You know - having maggots on him, limbs falling off, the smell. And yes those are touched on (so a word of caution to the squeamish), but what I liked was that it went so far beyond that! The book could've just stuck with the sight gags, but it didn't. At it's core it was a book about a boy who just wanted to be like any other kid his age - to go outside and play, to have friends, but he wasn't able to.

Now to tell that story it tells the story of how Crow's parents brought him back. This was a nice mystery mixed with action that pulled the story along. I kept wanting to know the full story just like Crow did! What happened? Could it be undone? What he hopelessly stuck this way forever? I had to keep reading because I wanted answers just like he did. And I wanted him to get answers. I liked Crow, and I wanted him to know because he was such a nice kid he deserved to know! With a story like this I think it's important to like the main character - and like him I did!

One character I didn't like much of the story - his mother! Oh did I want to shake her sometimes. I know that what she was doing was out of love and concern, but I was still frustrated with her and her choices!

In the end - a nice story that went beyond what I thought it would!

The publisher has offered up a copy for me to giveaway!

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  1. Oh, my. You make this a very tempting book and I tend to be a bit squeamish. I think i do want to read it now. Thanks for the review and chance to win.