October 23, 2015


This year I'm really into swaps and book box subscriptions.  So this month I participated in the Swapoween Swap hosted by Chaotic Goddess Swaps.  

I was paired with Lauren from Shooting Stars Mag.

The focus of this swap - if you haven't guessed - was Halloween items!

Here's what Lauren sent me!

It was so much fun opening this box!!! Look at all the fun stuff.  My kids and I will be digging into the brownies next Saturday! And I believe all the candy is already gone :)

Two best items:
The Lost Boys movie!!!! I loved this movie when I was younger.  Such a classic.  I had the soundtrack and everything.  So excited to watch it again.

Aaaaaaaand: Bits & Pieces by Jonathn Maberry!!!!! 
I was sooooooo excited to see this book.  I love the Rot & Ruin series.  I really really do! 
So getting this book was super exciting for me.  
I cannot wait to dive into it.

Thank you so much Lauren!


  1. What an awesome awesome box of goodies!!

  2. What a sweet swap! That's awesome that she gifted you a book you're so excited to read. :)

  3. Yay, I'm glad you liked everything, and I'm glad you are excited about The Lost Boys! I wasn't sure but I figured it would be something fun to add. I like to mix it up. haha

    I'm just about to post my reveal - thank you for all MY goodies!


  4. The Lost Boys is such a fun movie!

  5. Aw, she knows ya! Yay for Lost Boys! (and now I have the soundtrack running through my head, too). :D
    What fantastic goodies! Thank you for joining us for this swap, and we're so glad you enjoyed it (and got a great partner, too).