September 8, 2015

Review: Silver Dolphin Publishers - Nonfiction Books

A while back Silver Dolphin Books contacted me asking if I wanted to review some of their nonfiction children's books.  I have an 8 year son, Samuel, who loves nonfiction.  He keeps telling me it's his "thing".  I knew that he could help me review them as someone the books are created for!

Here's some pictures of what they sent me:

I gave the dinosaur, Earth and Grades 2-3 set to my son, and he jumped right in!

He loved the dinosaurs book because of the stickers and went through and added a bunch of them.  I liked it because it was filled with facts and it gave him something hands-on to do while reading it.  He's a very squirmy kid, so he needs that.

The "Everything You Need to Know" were fun for him because it was nothing but facts.  He loves learning facts about different topics.  I know he explored this one a lot because the next day he was asking me about different topics and how to pronounce them.

And the Earth one was a hit too! I found him digging through the pages to show me different things he had learned.  He wanted me to know about them too!

Over-all these books were a hit with him!  If you have any kids in your life that like nonfiction books I suggest you look into these!

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