June 11, 2015

Why Haven't I Read This? - Perry's Killer by Joe Schreiber

A long while back I read the book Au Revoir, Crazy European Chick. I really enjoyed it. 
 You can read my review of it HERE.

Well - there is a sequel and it has been out since 2012!
Why haven't I read it yet?????

I guess I need to get on it.

When Perry ends up in Venice on a European tour with his band Inchworm, he can’t resist a visit to Harry’s Bar, where Gobi told him she’d meet him someday. The last time he saw Gobi, five people were assassinated one crazy night in New York City. Well . . . Gobi shows up, and once again Perry is roped into a wild, nonstop thrill ride with a body count. Double crossings, kidnappings, CIA agents, arms dealers, boat chases in Venetian canals, and a shootout in the middle of a Santa Claus convention ensue. 


  1. I've recently found myself in the same position as you, but I was with the third book of the Bidget Jones series. It's been published for so long and I still haven't read it! Anyway, this seems pretty interesting as well :)

    Aeriko @ http://thereadingarmchair.blogspot.com

  2. This is new to me too, but interesting premise