June 26, 2015

Cover Crush: Great Ball of Light

I'm kinda in love with this cover.  

I saw it at Barnes and Noble and had to snap a picture of it!

It's just so simple yet filled with details!
I just want to explore the cover because I know I'll see things I've missed.
Then I want to read the book because I want to know how all the things on the cover fit into the story.

About the Book
When twin brother and sister Fenton and Fiona find a ball of light in their backyard, things get weird. Especially when Fenton figures out it can bring things back to life. Everything from bugs, to trees, to their old dog Scruffy, to - well - people. Namely, their grandfather. Because they really do miss him, and more than that, their father and their grandfather have unsettled business to take care of. But be warned: bringing back things from the dead gets a little more complicated when they stick around.

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