May 20, 2015

"Spooky Girl" or "Person in the Woods" Book Covers

Lately I've noticed a trend in book covers.  It's the "spooky girl" or "person in the woods" cover.
With just a quick look on Amazon I found these, and I know there are more.
I like them a lot because I like spooky books, but I'm wondering if it's not getting a little over done.

What do you think???


  1. Ooo I kinda like this trend because it actually works (for me at least) in giving that book the “creepy” factor. Definitely on board with though when you say it’s overdone. YA horror covers need something new. Great post :D

  2. Love to see them all together like this!!

  3. This is quite a trend! They are all similar, I think that I wouldn't mind something new.

    Aeriko @