May 2, 2015

I Met Sarah Dessen!!!!!!

A few weeks back I received an email inviting me to a pizza dinner with Sarah Dessen in celebration of her new book Saint Anything

I couldn't believe it! Sara Dessen!
The media specialist I work with came along, and we got to sit around a table and chat with her.  It was amazing. 

She did talk a bit to the whole group about where the book came from and how it was a story she had wanted to write for a long time, but she could just never get it down right.  Finally the way to tell the story came to her and Saint Anything was written!

Here are pictures.
We had pizza because of the role it has in the book.  
Plus on the table were suckers - also part of the book :)

She signed our books

With her

My good friend with her

It was an amazing evening!!


  1. Wow! That's awesome....such a great experience! She is coming to a local bookstore near me in a few weeks and I hope to go. That's so cool that you got to eat pizza with her and listen to hear speak....must have been surreal. Thanks for sharing the pictures with us!