April 16, 2015

Book Review: G-Man Super Journal Awesome Origins by Chris Giarrusso

Title: G-Man Super Journal: Awesome Origins
Author: Chris Giarrusso

When Michael G (yes, "G" is his whole last name, and that's why everyone calls him G-Man) has to keep a journal in Mrs. Rosario's class at school, naturally he writes about his ambition to have superpowers and join the superheroes of his city (like Captain Thunderman) in the fight for justice. After all, his friend Billy Demon just got an awesome winged flying suit and superpowers of his own, and now he's the most popular kid in school! Mikey would just love to have superpowers too, but how will he get them? And if he does get them, what will he do with them?

This was a quick fun read that I think will definitely appeal to middle schoolers - especially those that like the Wimpy Kid or James Patterson books.  First just the look of it will appeal to them.  It's filled with drawings, and it looks like a journal.  For those readers that aren't thrilled with reading, this will take away any intimidation factor.  

As for the plot.  Mikey (the main character) just wants superhero powers.  Some of his friends have started to develop them or have cool gear that gives them superhero-like powers.  This is something so many kids can relate to.  What kid (ok and grownups) doesn't want superpowers?!?  I know I do! What I loved was that this was a completely possible thing.  He could get them at any time! He doesn't have to get bit by a toxic spider or be the victim of some scientific experiment.  They could just show up! Or - they might not.  And that thought is upsetting to Mikey.  What happens as he tries to make this dream happen is fun and fast-paced.

The book had some great laughs.  There is a whole scene where Mikey's brother blames everything on him.  And I mean everything even when there is no chance it could've ever been Mikey's fault.  It made me chuckle It was far-fetched but as a kid so believable as well! I remember my sister trying to blame me for things! Then there is the whole event with Mikey getting detention and no one believing him about why! That too gets so far-fetched that it become hysterical!  Loved that it made me laugh.  

Over-all it was a fun quick read that I would easily recommend to the middle schools I taught.  A few places seemed rushed and overly simple, but honestly kids won't care, they'll just enjoy.

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