March 24, 2015

OWL Notes: How I Read

Hi everyone.  I've been looking for something to do for posts where I'm not reviewing a book, but I'm still either featuring a book I've heard about it or just talking about books.

With that I came up with OWL Notes!

This will just be my time to share something book related.  

Today I just have to spill about my reading habits.  I read about some bloggers who read like 5 books a week.  I'm lucky if I read one! And I'm notorious for starting a book, reading a bit, putting it down and picking up another book! I'll have bits and pieces of 3-4 books going at once. Sometimes I'll get back to the whole book, but sometimes I won't!  I'm just not a hugely consistent reader. 

Even when I do get totally hooked on a book, it may be the only fully book I read for another week.  It's just my reading habits.  Sometimes I wish they were different, and I could just pick up a book, read and read, finish it and move on.  But with everything going on in my life, and the way I am - that just doesn't happen.  The books that really matter to me get read.  That's the important part!

What about you?  Wanna share your reading habits at all??


  1. I also have the bad habit of picking a book up then starting another one. I have 6 on my currently reading shelf on GoodReads. I hate that I do that! Two of them I really want to finish, so I will keep them there and give them a good try over spring break. I feel like the more reading feels "assigned" the less likely I am to want to dive into a book. I made myself a few reading challenges this year and am pleased that I am accomplishing a few of them. But, it's a battle sometimes to finish a book.

    1. Glad to hear I'm not alone in this!!! And yes I'll keep them on my "Currently Reading" shelf until I decide it's been too long since I last picked it up.

  2. I hardly ever pick up a second book when I'm reading. I like to read a story without disruption as much as possible. Since most of the books I read are those I am reviewing, I think it's only fair to do that. Besides, I need to focus or I forget details.