January 30, 2015

First Line Friday: Cut Me Free

I thought I'd start and end my week with simple posts.  Monday is Snap Shot Monday showing the cover.  And we'll end the week with First Line Friday.

In this I'll just share the first line in any book near me.  It could be the book I'm currently reading, a book I've finished or a book I haven't read before.  

Today's book:
Cut Me Freeby J.R. Johansen 

First Line: The city embraces me.

Hmmmmmmmmm....I wonder how that is so! 

Feel free to join in!
Just add your first line in the comments. 


  1. "In my life, I'd had my share of fights, sometimes with fists, sometimes with knives, occasionally with a sword." (The Shadow Throne by Jennifer Nielsen) I just finished this, and am working on the review. It's always a challenge when I want to say everything including all the spoilery things.

    1. I loved that book! And I get how hard it is to not include spoilers!

  2. This sound like perfect way to start and end a week to me. I am intrigued by that first line.