December 19, 2014

Author Signings

I've been to a few author events lately, so I thought I'd share some quick pictures.  

The first was for the author Nancy Farmer.  
I loved her book The House of the Scorpion, so I was really excited to see her.  She talked about her life and how different people helped her become a storyteller.  
Fascinating stories!

Nancy Farmer 

My friend and I.  Sorry for the blurry picture.  Someone took it for us!

Then I went to a middle grade author panel at Addendum Books (love them!)

I got to see:

William Alexander author of Goblin Secrets

Kelly Barnhill author of The Mostly True Story of Jack

Brian Farrey author of The Vengekeep Prophecies series

Jacqueline West author of The Books of Elsewhere series

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