November 15, 2014

So I'm In a Dilemma.......

I'm trying to decide what to do.  I'm trying to decide if I want to keep blogging or not.  I'm trying to be ok with blogging my way - when I want, how I want - not feel like I to need to write long posts daily - or keep up with the blog next door. I really want to keep blogging because I love sharing my love for books! But I find myself getting caught up in world of comparison. That blog does that - I should too.  That blog posts that - I should too.  That blog has tours and interviews and lots of memes - I should too.  That's my deal, and I need to let that go and blog for what I want without paying attention to number of followers or replies or giveaway entries.  I'm much better at doing that, but I need to do it more.  

Now the other dilemma is my blog "theme".  I loved the owls when I first started, but I'm not feeling it so much any more.  My every day life is filled with owls because of this blog, and they are cute and adorable and I love them, but I'm feeling like it's time to move on from them.  I've been toying with changing the theme.  BUT of course I'm worried that I'm known as The O.W.L. and what will do that do to my branding.  And then I wonder - do I really care???????

What I'd love to change to - Bare Bones Reading.  Why?  That's what I want my blog to be.  Just the bare bones of reading and sharing it.  Nothing fancy - nothing more.  And I'd love the theme to be skeletons and skulls.  I actually love skull patterns (kinda not the owl look is it!??!).  I have shoes with skulls, a backpack etc.  I really do love them!

So my dilemma - do I just in and make a change and with it change the way I blog???????????????? 
I'm going to decide on way or the other by the end of 2014 and this time stick with it!


  1. I completely understand. Life is very busy for me right now and I've taken a big break from blogging. I'll come back and do a post here and there but overall, I'm slacking big time. The pressure to keep up with other blogs is overwhelming.
    And skulls are awesome! I love dark themes. :)

  2. I hear you. I often think I want to stop blogging. I felt pressure for awhile to do it more often, but once a week is just fine for me, and when I need a break, I take one and don't feel bad about it. I give away books because I have so many and want to share them, but sometimes I wonder about the out of pocket for packaging and mailing. It's a tough balance. Only you can decide what's right for you. I enjoy your blog, I think your owls are cute, but if you blogged less often and changed your theme, I would probably still read because I enjoy your reviews. Good luck figuring this out.

  3. You know I have gone through this before as well. Right now I feel good, not trying to keep up with any blogs. It's been easy to let that go because I have more than I could ever read now so I am not doing this to get books anymore. But that's also where I get stressed, trying to keep up with my reading, or reading the books I feel like I should read. I have enjoyed your blogging lately, it's fun to read. It's hard to stop when you really do just want to share your love of reading!

    I enjoy your theme a lot. Last year when I got tired of mine, I kept the theme and just changed all my designs. That seemed to help me anyway. Good luck!!

  4. I totally understand what your saying. I sometimes wonder about making my blog stand out more, how to fix the header so it's more eye catching etc. But, I'm not really that tech savvy. I've always enjoyed your Owl posts and would continue to follow even with bones, I actually like the Bare bones idea :) Either way, do what makes you feel good!

  5. I think you should do what you want. And no worries about posting more. We're all busy and cutting back. The important thing is to do what you enjoy.