October 16, 2014

Review: Marvel Avengers Poster-a-Page

Title: Marvel Avengers Poster-a-Page

United to battle foes no single hero could withstand, The Avengers are the most powerful Super Hero team in the world! Including Thor, Captain America, Hulk, Iron Man,and the Black Widow, this book as all of the favorite Marvel characters. Poster-A-Page delivers children's most popular characters, stories, and memorable moments to them in a unique visual format. With every page a poster, plus 9 supersize fold-out posters inside, this series offers kids ages 4-12 the opportunity to bring their favorite friends and stories into their homes, onto their walls, and become part of their world.

I don't have a ton to say about this one other than it's really cool especially if you are a Marvel Avengers fan.  I happen to have on in my house, so I'll let most of her thoughts run this review.  First when I showed it to her when I got it.  She tore it from me.  Then we both noticed what she was wearing.  

Yup she has on a Thor t-shirt and Captain American sweatpants.  That's my girl :)

She absolutely loves this stuff.  Her dream is to go to Comic Con.  So this book was right up her alley.  She flipped through it was very very happy to see that Black Widow was in it.  One of her biggest complaints is when they leave the girl characters out or barely give them any exposure.  That wasn't a problem with this book.  It had several.  

For the poster lover in your life this is a great book.  It not only has 9 super-sized posters - every single page is a poster!  My daughter loves posters.  I often have to remind her she only has so much wall space.  Well I know this book will cover any space remaining right now. And what's nice as well about the posters in this book - they are on good thick paper, so they'll hold up much better.  

Great fun poster book for the Avenergers fan in your life!

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