October 1, 2014

Review: Feral by Holly Schindler

Title: Feral
Author: Holly Schindler

It’s too late for you. You’re dead. Those words continue to haunt Claire Cain months after she barely survived a brutal beating in Chicago. So when her father is offered a job in another state, Claire is hopeful that getting out will offer her a way to start anew.

But when she arrives in Peculiar, Missouri, Claire feels an overwhelming sense of danger, and her fears are confirmed when she discovers the body of a popular high school student in the icy woods behind the school, surrounded by the town’s feral cats. While everyone is quick to say it was an accident, Claire knows there’s more to it, and vows to learn the truth about what happened. 

But the closer she gets to uncovering the mystery, the closer she also gets to realizing a frightening reality about herself and the damage she truly sustained in that Chicago alley….

Holly Schindler’s gripping story is filled with heart-stopping twists and turns that will keep readers guessing until the very last page.

I liked this book! It grabbed me from page one with the narration starting from a dead girl! Very well done.  I had to keep reading after that.  

As the story progressed and Claire moves to Missouri I found the building tension very well done.  One thing would happen and it would up the tension and the stakes even more.  Plus the creep factor was definitely there! I mean with Claire wakes up surrounded by cats - YIKES! Plus I never knew who I could trust.  Claire had a lot of trust in Rich, but I never knew if I should feel the same.  That was pretty much the same for all the characters.  I know stereotypes say you don't need to think of the girl characters as the "bad guy" (not one I buy into BTW!), and in this book I never once trusted completely Becca! I love books that make me unable to put my trust somewhere.  They keep my on my toes and paying attention at all time.

If you decide to pick up the book please note that things take some pretty odd twists and turns, and you may be thinking it's way too far fetched.  I beg you to stick with it because the ending is fantastic!

In the end Feral was a tension-filled, mystery filled, gotta know the ending book.  Glad I read it! 


  1. Glad you liked this. I've heard great thinks about it. I'll have to add it to my TBR list.

  2. This one scared me silly. It's a gripping story, though, and does have some wicked twists, but if one likes scary books, this is a good one.