March 4, 2014

I Am Grateful For: The Godsend by Bernard Taylor

The Godsend by Bernard Taylor

Ok so this one, if I read it now, I'm sure would be horrible but when I was in school (early high school I believe) I LOVED this book. I read it over and over. Now when I think back on it - what horrible book to reread so much! But I've always had a love for horror books and this one fit the bill. Maybe some day I'll reread it.

Bonnie. Born in mystery of an unknown mother. Abandoned the morning of her birth. Adopted by the Marlows, who already have four children of their own.

Once unleashed, where will it end? The ultimate evil. Profound. Shattering. Ask Bonnie - demonic possession is child's play.

At first they are accidents. The crib death of the Marlow's baby. The drowning of their son. Then a third child's neck is broken. And the unspeakable is begun..


  1. This sounds AWFUL! of course! I read Flowers in the Attic at that age, so I'm not one to talk. Now if I can just remember that four book fantasy series I purchased in 1978... That cover may give me nightmares!

  2. Wow. I don't know if my old heart can take this one. But I did love The Exorcist, Rosemary's Baby, and, yes, even Flowers in the Attic.