November 2, 2013

Under 14's Only Month at The Book Zone (AKA MG Books!)

Hey all I wanted to share a great month long event that is happening over at The Book Zone.  The entire month of November is decided at U14 books - we here in the US know them as Middle Grade (MG) books.  They are those great books written for the wonderful kids 14.  

I'm very excited to see this, because I've always felt there isn't enough focus put on this category of books.  I see YA everywhere, but it's much harder to find MG. And it's frustrating to read great MG/U14 books, review them and have very few comments.  Even more frustrating to have a giveaway and very few entries! 
So months like Under 14's Only are perfect!  

I hope you all stop over and check out the books highlighted throughout the month.  I know I will be!

Oh!  I do have to give a shout out to Shannon Messenger and her Middle Grade Mondays.  She has done a great job get the spotlight on MG books more! I really need to get my act together so I can participate more!

I also know Green Bean Teen Queen also does a Tween Tuesday post quit often.  

Plus I know there are plans in the works by Deb Marshall for another March of Middle Grade! 

Let's hear about any more that you know of! 
And lets get MG/U14's in the spotlight!!


  1. Lots of us have jumped on the MG bandwagon. I review MG books almost every post, with an occasional other category thrown in. Shannon Messenger is really the champion with her Marvelous Middle-Grade Mondays, but you are right, there should be lots more notice of this wonderful group of books. Thanks for the other places to look.

  2. I am always surprised to see posts like this, since pretty much ALL I do is middle grade. Glad to see it getting more widespread recognition!