November 8, 2013

Review: Cool Creations in 35 Pieces

Title: Cool Creations in 35 Pieces
Author: Sean Kenney
Genre: Nonfiction
Ages: ALL!

About the Book
Building with LEGO® pieces can inspire children and adults alike to construct wonderfully imaginative and grand creations – towering castles, massive aircrafts, and intricate cities. But LEGO models don’t have to be complicated to be fun and exciting. InCool Creations in 35 Pieces, best-selling author and artist Sean Kenney taps deep into his imagination with an exercise that will challenge readers of all ages. He creates dozens of figures—from menacing robots with names like Blurg and Scraps, to transforming trucks, to creatures that live in the rainforest—out of LEGOs, but uses no more than 35 pieces in each construct.

Cool Creations in 35 Pieces is Sean’s sixth book that showcases his LEGO art work. His intricate-yet-simple designs will inspire millions of LEGO fans to unleash their own imaginations. He provides starting points, and also includes a step-by-step instruction guide on how he created his pieces.

Sean Kenney ABCAbout the Author
Sean Kenney is an artist who creates sculptures and models out of LEGO bricks at his studio in New York City. A LEGO-certified professional, Kenney has toured the world with his creations and produced six inspirational and instructive children’s books, including Cool Castles, Cool Robots, among others. To find out more information about his books and artwork, visit

My Son's Thoughts

I have a 12 year old son who loves Legos.  This is him a few years back after a trip to the Lego store.

He constantly amazes me with the creations he comes up with.  Several years ago he made a Titanic look alike! So when I was offered this book for review I knew I had the perfect expert for it sitting right in my house! I told him about the book, and he was interested right away.  He asked if it was here yet several times as we waited for it to arrive. Finally it came!

I watched him pour over the ideas in the book, and then instantly went over to our HUGE two tubs of Legos and start digging.  Within 15 minutes he had made a few of the ideas. 

Here's what he did:

So later I asked him what he thought about the book.  You need to understand my son is a boy of few words when it comes to praising something! Just getting to say he likes something can be difficult.

Here was our exchange

Me: What did you think of it?
Him: It was good.
Me: Was there ideas in there that you liked?
Him: Yes.
Me: A lot or just a few?
Him: A lot.
Me: Did you find things you hadn't thought of?
Him: Yes.  I mean I hadn't thought of making the city like it showed.
Me: What did you make that you liked?
Him: Well...... the city like I said.  Also the gas station.
Me: Were the instructions good?
Him: Yes
Me: To keep it fair was there anything you didn't like?
Him: There was a few things shown in the pictures that I couldn't find in the instructions.
Me: Did you just miss them?  
Him: No.
(I verified this.....)
Me: Do you think it's a good book?
Him: Yes.
Me: Why?
Him: Because it had good ideas and you only needed a few bricks.  Except sometimes they were rare bricks and I had to dig to find them.
Me: Did it show you some ways to use bricks that you hadn't thought of before?
Him: Yes (and then he went on to explain what brick and EXACTLY how you used it in a way he hadn't thought of but as a non-Lego person I didn't get it)
Me: So it was a good book and you'd give it a good review?
Him: Yes

Isn't he just detailed???? So according to a 12 year old boy who loves Legos this is a good book.  As his mom - I liked it because it kept him busy NOT on the computer.  I'd suggest it for any Lego lovers you have in your life.  It would be a perfect holiday gift!

Ps I liked the Nutty Animals and Goofy Faces- cute ideas there. 

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  1. I bought four of these for my library, even though it's middle school and the book is a tad young. My son saw it and right away went through it so I know it's going to be very popular!!