September 24, 2013

Book Review: Hunter Moran Hangs Out

Title: Hunter Moran Hangs Out
Author: Patricia Reilly Giff
Genre: Mystery
Age: Middle Grade
Series: Hunter Moran #2

When Hunter and his twin brother Zack, of the chaotic Moran family, hear there's going to be a kidnapping in their town, the two boys are on high alert. But this isn't the only threat they're facing-- there's a probable axe murderer in an abandoned house, definitely dead bodies in the pond, and their Mom is heading to the hospital to give birth to a new sibling, in this hilarious sequel to Hunter Moran Saves the Universe.

Before the review I want to announce the winner of the giveaway for signed copies of the first two books in the series. The winner was:

Lynnette A.


So sorry I took a bit to get this review up! The first month back to school can be very hectic!

In short......a very cute and fun book! I've only been teaching 5th graders for one school year and one month, and I'm still learning what kind of books they read.  I could see this book definitely interesting them.  It reminded me so much of what I would've loved to read at that age.  A good little mystery to keep me quirky characters that make me happy for my "normal" family.......and laughs as well.  A very wonderful combination.

Beyond the mystery part of this book (which I loved!), I also loved Zack and Hunter's family.  I grew up in a family of 4 with just my sister as my only sibling.  I always wondered what it was like to have a big, active, crazy family that was full of noise and activity. The family in this book is completely what I imagined it would be like.  Zack and Hunter are good at working their way out of trouble. Their older sister is good at trying to get them in trouble. There dad doesn't know exactly what to do with it all.  And they have the cutest little brother that made me just want to squeeze him - while at the same time shake him for some things he does.  I just loved how Patricia Reilly Giff brought this whole family together and made it work!

As for the plot - well done.  Mysteries always amaze me because I could never write one!  Granted I had some guesses about what was going on (although I wasn't completely correct), but I was an adult reading a book meant for younger (ok MUCH younger) readers! Yet there were a few twists that I didn't see coming.  I like that!

Final thought:  Loud, crazy family meets mystery.
Best stick-with-you: When Zack and Hunter climb the tree.  Scared me!
Age: 9-12
For the guys? Yes for sure!!

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  1. I read this a couple months ago. The pace is extraordinary. Middle-graders will love it.