July 23, 2013

Pictures of My Book-Theme Wedding - Finally!

At the end of May I was lucky enough to marry the man of my dreams. And that man let me - book lover me - give us a book themed wedding!  
How could I not love him?? ;-)

We decided to have a very small wedding (only 22 people including us), so I knew I could do some fun things. I started on Pinterest and looked for ideas.  Then I hit Etsy and started ordering.  Here are the results. 

What really got me started was when I saw flowers made from book pages.

This was my bouquet. 

My Daughter's - I sent Krista a Word doc full of Doctor Who quotes and she printed them and used those for the flowers.

The flowers for my husband and sons

Then it went to an invitation that was inspired by a library card.
Ours were blue, and we used blue library cards to print out hotel info etc.
Even our hotel bags used library cards for that info. 

From there I found as many things that used book pages as I could.

Clothes pins with book pages on them.  

 Cup with book pages on it - held the pens for the guest book - see below

 Table runner - ordered from Esty - see below for how it looked at the wedding

Stemmed Book Page Flowers to put Around

Cupcake Toppers

Then I just added things that had a book "feel".

Bookmark place cards - the back had people's names and the ribbon color was their food choice.

Thank you gifts and stickers for them.  
The stickers said: Make each day a Story worth telling
We filled them with Tootsie Rolls and Junior Mints our favorite candies.

Mad Libs and coloring frames for the tables during dinner.

And of course a book to carry the rings :)

I printed out several love quotes from poets and authors and framed them - these were set around.
I also bought several books at Goodwill, and we put these on the table for decorations. You'll see them below.

And lastly forks for us to eat our cupcakes with

Ok now for how it all looked at the wedding!

The thank you cards.  The bags with the candy were underneath.

This was the guest book.  They signed on the spines of the books. It will be framed and hung.

And lastly I'm sure you're all wondering about my dress etc.
As for the dress, I originally had a tea length bought and ready, but always doubted it.  I went back to David's Bridal and found this one - they let me exchange and just pay the difference! The fun part - my husband thought, until he saw me in the new one, that I still had the tea length that he saw me purchase! He had no clue until he saw me in the new dress! 

We all wore Converse shoes - my daughters were Doctor Who also off Etsy :)

My daughter and me

All of us

 My daughter's

 My 11 year old's shoes

My 6 year old's shoes

Ours - I had my made especially for the day with Design Your Own at Converse.com

General shots

 It was an amazing day filled with lots of love, laughter and family.  I could not have asked for anything more!!!

Links to Items:
Bouquets by Krista Sew Inspired 
Small Boutonniere by Book Craft 
Book page runner by PAPERenVOGUE
Cupcake Toppers by The Path Less Traveled
Thank You Bags by The Pink 'Dillo 
Stickers by 0 Names Left
Guest Book by Sara Alexander Art
Table Thank You Notes by That Pretty Invitation 
Doctor Who Converse by EmilyTamHandingPainting
Place Cards by The Wooden Hinge
Stamped Forks by Pumpernickel and Wry
Hollowed out Book by Eclectic Upcycle Crafts 
Basic Book Flowers with Stems by Awed by Splendor
Invitations by Zazzle 


  1. How very awesome, Jill. How creative to use the book theme and it's so you. I loved all the pictures. Our wedding was small too and it was very special. A big congrats!

  2. Awww I love this! Kudos to David's bridal for just letting you pay the difference. Super cool book flowers.

  3. Just charming! Wonderful story and pictures. Congratulations to you both and best wishes in the rest of your lives together.

  4. What a lovely wedding! Congratulations!

  5. Congratulations sweetie. I am so happy for you.
    You inspired me for my wedding too (whenever I find a man he must me a book lover too ;) )...

  6. Congratulations, loved the book flowers and all the wonderful touches you added to your special day.

  7. I just came across your blog and I think we may be kindred spirits :) We are getting married in 3 days in an old library, we have the same guestbook as you have, our invitations were library cards, our wedding favors are books with customized bookmarks, and my fiancé is even wearing converse. Too funny! I am a teacher and we are both huge readers. I have been searching around for a cute idea for thank you cards. Thanks for the great ideas!