March 13, 2013

Books With Bad Luck

Today is the 13th.  No not Friday the 13th, but still the 13th.  I hate the number 13 - yes I guess I have triskaidekaphobia.  
So for the 13th I'd thought I'd feature a book that is filled with bad luck.  The main character just can't catch a break.  
Maybe I'll make this a month feature :)

Our bad luck character is......

Limpy from Toad Rage

I read this book several years ago and loved it!  Poor Limpy is a Cane Toad in Australia, and for most of the book he really can't catch a break.  Things just keep happening to him over and over as he tries to get to the Olympics in an effort to convince people Cane Toads are not bad.
I've read it aloud to my 7th graders, and they loved it.  It's definitely juvenile humor.

Limpy's family reckons humans don't hate cane toads, but Limpy knows otherwise. He's spotted the signs: the cross looks, the unkind comments, the way they squash cane toads with their cars. Limpy is desperate to save his species from ending up as pancakes. Somehow he must make humans see how fabulous cane toads really are. Risking everything, he sets off on a wart-tinglingly dangerous and daring journey to . . . the Olympics? 
This is the epic story of a slightly squashed young cane toad's quest for the truth.

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