January 14, 2013

Team Owl Review: The Golden Door by By Emily Rodda

Today I have a review from one of my 6th grade boys on the book The Golden Door by Emily Rodda.  
If you aren't aware, she is the same author of the Deltora Quest books (I have several students who LOVE those books).  
This her newest book.  

Three magic doors you here behold,
Time to choose wood, silver or gold?

The Golden Door
By: Emily Rodda
272 pages of a great book

In the Golden Door, the first story in the trilogy of the three doors, the story begins in the household of young Rye, the main character and the quest issued by the Warden for those who are 18 and older.The quest is to find and stop the person sending the skimmers, which are scaly winged creatures who hunt in the night. Written by Emily Rodda, the author of the series Deltora Quest, the story has Rye set out to find the villain behind the attacks, and to find his brothers who went out and did not come back. 

In a thrilling and action packed adventure, Rye journeys outside the walls of his safe city Weld and goes to explore the wondrous island of Dorne. I think the setting and storyline are a wonder to behold. Rye is the man for the job, because he is persistent and brave, and a true fighter until the end. He will do anything to find his brothers and be the hero he always wanted to be. 

I think this book is definitely a good read for people who like science fiction and fantasy. The Island of Dorne is a great setting for this adventurous boy who wants an adventure, full of danger and mystery and the great things in a book with this great quality. 

I would recommend this book to the middle grade section, about the ages of 10-13. Some parts,( I won’t mention, I’m not going to just tell you.) are a little frightening for anyone scared of ,well, scary monsters. It is not a terribly frightening book, but it is not the perfect one either. 

I think this book is geared to more boys then girls, because of the action, but some girls who like action might enjoy Sonia, the other main character. All of these qualities, and those you only get by reading the book, are enough to make me rifle through the pages, and I think it will make you do this too.

Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on this book!!!!

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  1. Great review. I have an ARC of this and it's on my stack to read. You've gotten me excited to read it. Thanks.