January 5, 2013

New Layout

As you may have noticed I've changed the layout and template of the blog.  

I LOVED my new design when I first got it. It was fun and bright and cheerful and perfect.  But lately it's just been too bright and active for me.  

I really needed something with less.  
Less color.  
Less stuff.  
Less owls here and owls there.  
I just needed to simplify.  
Kinda like how I need to simplify what I'm doing on the blog and not let it stress me out. 
So I looked for something less.  

I hope you like the new colors and simplicity.  
I know I do :) I'm sorry if you liked the colorfulness.  It's still kinda there with the owl labels!

Ps I got this at Suck My Lolly.  I had to do a bit more of my own work, but not biggie.  


  1. LOVE IT! I prefer a muted palette myself (well, obviously...), and this looks clean and it's still fun. Nice job!

  2. This is wonderful. It better focuses the readers' attention on your messages while offering a pleasant setting for them.

  3. pretty and sofiscitated, love it :)

  4. I liked the colors (see my blog) but it's always fun for a change and of course since you spend the most time on your blog, it has to fit what you want it to be.

  5. I love it! We moved to a more simple design a couple of months ago too. :)

  6. Love it! Very soothing palate. :)

  7. I really, really love the new design. It's simple and elegant!

  8. I think it looks very nice. It takes some time to come up with something you really like. You're a hipster-- you liked owls before they were cool!

  9. This is a _really_ nice layout. Cool, clean and still with your way cool owls!