November 13, 2012

Team Owl Review: Front Page Face-Off

Title: Front Page Face-Off
Author: Jo Whittmore

Twelve-year-old Delilah James is one of the top reporters at Brighton Junior Academy and dreams of becoming a Junior Global Journalist. But when an international rival named Ava invades her newsroom and takes over her crush, Delilah finds an unlikely ally in the Debutantes - a.k.a. the Little Debbies.

Front Page Face-Off is a one of-a-kind book. Jo Whittemore has outdone her self! If you like books about a newspaper war, middle school DO-NOT-DO's, romance, and a little of suspense, this book is for you. 12 year-old Delilah James is in 7th grade and lead reporter on Brighton Academy's school newspaper. Well, until Ava comes along. Ava is an exchange student from France and Delilah is sure she is out to get her newspaper, and her new crush, Ben. When Delilah is invited to an elite group of populars also known as the Debutantes, things get a little out of hand. Brighton Acadamy turns into a war zone between Ava and Delilah. With only one spot as the Lead Reporter, who will win with the best article? 

Delilah is a kind of girl you don't mess with, and if you do, Good Luck! But despite her "evil" side, Delilah is a normal person too. She has feelings too. I think this book is best for girls because it's about crushes, and everything you would expect in your middle school time. My thoughts on this book are all good. Jo Whittemore seems to know what it's like to be a 12 year old in middle school again! She knows how to string the words together just right and I'm sure once when you read this book you will know it's phenomenal as much as I do. Front Page Face-Off is for girls around the middle school age. 

Thank you so much for reading my review on front Page Face-Off by Jo Whittemore!

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