November 16, 2012

Age Categories

Because I review books that kids of different ages might read I span a lot of content, and I wanted a really easy way for my readers to see what age group the book might be best for.

Now to explain each of my categories!

Picture Books
Just what it sounds like :)

Early Chapter
These are book one level below middle grade.  They are short chapter book appropriate for elementary students that are beyond picture books. 

Middle Grade
These are books that are classic MG - designed for ages 9-12.  They are ones I would feel comfortable giving my 5th and 6th graders for sure.

YA-Young Adult
These are classic YA or ages 12+.  They might have some things that might be appropriate for some of my younger students.

UYA- Upper Young Adult
These are books I would say are geared more towards ages 14 or 16 and up.  They contain things that would make them more inappropriate for younger kids. 

I hope you find them useful!!!!!


  1. These are TOTALLY adorable. I love them and think they will work perfectly with your blog.

  2. Really, really cute. Nice job on these.

  3. Great idea Jill. And love the design.

  4. Oh my wow, Jill! These are so awesome! And yes on the being very useful.

  5. So lovely and great idea :)